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Circus Act

     So I went and got the mail yesterday only to find the final notice from the electric company. Apparently they were supposed to cut my power Thursday. So I spent an hour over two phone calls to try and reach them, to no avail. So one step away from a panic attack, I went to school, sold back one of my books, got dog and cat, bought gas and CIA, the whole time praying (or as close as I can get to praying) that my power would still be on and I wouldn’t stuck in my apartment with no AC. All this, only to get home and find the 48 hr notice from the cable company. #FML

     Did I mention my cell phone is suspended? So those phone calls to the electric company were made from the office phone. :-\ So come Friday I have to juggle money, borrow from Amscot, and pray that my electricity doesn’t get cut off in the mean time.All this so I can pay the phone bill, electric bill, and my credit card (so I can access my checking account, damn bank…) 

     And to think that I was actually looking forward to getting caught up this month… I can’t believe I’m here right now. I keep trying to put life together, but it seems the harder I try, the faster things just fall apart. I don’t know what lesson I am supposed to be learning. Isn’t that what they say? That these things happen for a reason? That these are the times you’re supposed to learn from? That its just a test? Well I think its all bullshit. :O 


Lazy day

So somehow I managed to sleep until 1130 today. A full 12 hours! Guess I had a few hours to catch up on. Still haven’t gotten anything done. I did take Miki to campus to meet a potential adopter. It went well, but I’ll be sad to lose him. Being a doggy foster mom is great but awful at the same time. Chewy will be happy when Miki gets adopted though. He is not enjoying having to share his mommy.

Tomorrow I have to go shopping, clean, do homework, study, and take Miki to the vet to have his thyroid levels rechecked. Busy busy day, gotta cram all the laziness in today. 🙂

Sleeping Shiba


     So after staying up past 11, tossing and turning for an hour, and then getting up for an 1 am potty break for the pups, I woke up late this morning. Surprise surprise. But of course, it’s never that simple. Today was my lab day. So instead of being a “good” research assistant, I missed running the last participant of the semester. I totally flaked out on someone and something that’s really important to me.

     I just can’t seem to get my shit together. And I’m stuck back in my evil caffeine cycle. Too wound up to sleep, lose sleep, drink coffee, drink soda, too wound up to sleep, lose MORE sleep, drink coffee, dink 2 sodas… I need a week off to detox, study, research, and clean. But until I go permanent and get PTO, I’ll just keep scrambling.