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Circus Act

     So I went and got the mail yesterday only to find the final notice from the electric company. Apparently they were supposed to cut my power Thursday. So I spent an hour over two phone calls to try and reach them, to no avail. So one step away from a panic attack, I went to school, sold back one of my books, got dog and cat, bought gas and CIA, the whole time praying (or as close as I can get to praying) that my power would still be on and I wouldn’t stuck in my apartment with no AC. All this, only to get home and find the 48 hr notice from the cable company. #FML

     Did I mention my cell phone is suspended? So those phone calls to the electric company were made from the office phone. :-\ So come Friday I have to juggle money, borrow from Amscot, and pray that my electricity doesn’t get cut off in the mean time.All this so I can pay the phone bill, electric bill, and my credit card (so I can access my checking account, damn bank…) 

     And to think that I was actually looking forward to getting caught up this month… I can’t believe I’m here right now. I keep trying to put life together, but it seems the harder I try, the faster things just fall apart. I don’t know what lesson I am supposed to be learning. Isn’t that what they say? That these things happen for a reason? That these are the times you’re supposed to learn from? That its just a test? Well I think its all bullshit. :O